Alibaba Clone
Open Your B2B ECommerce Platform Without Any Effort

Get ready to stow away gazillions by acquiring the e-commerce market with the Alibaba Clone script. Tailored meticulously with the imperative features will help supersize your business in any silos without a hitch.

Magnify your ecommerce business with the well-built Alibaba Clone

Global B2B e-commerce is estimated to grow into an impressive $1.2 trillion industry by 2021. There is an acute demand for newer options that are reliable and diverse.

Today, it is very easy to introduce your own online business using our innovative Alibaba clone app. What’s more?! You don’t have to be a genius coder or an expert app developer. Our services are entirely white-labelled and can be modified to fit your specifications with ease. Our team consists of industry experts and talented developers who create scalable and user-friendly solutions for your business.

What is Alibaba Clone App?

Ecommerce marketplaces have never been out of trend ever since their emergence. But out of various allies of ecommerce, the B2B ecommerce business model is becoming more popular day by day. By offering the convenience of buying and selling without any hassles like phone orders, managing clutter of papers, etc., it’s being cherished by many. B2B websites/apps like Alibaba are mighty here.

Alibaba Clone App is a B2B e-commerce app solution that is studded with outstanding features and money-spinning revenue models. You can begin a new venture or scale up your already existing ecommerce business swiftly. With our Alibaba Alternative App solution, you can help independent businesses sell their products to other businesses. Impregnated with astounding functionality and drilled with charming UI, our solution is the ladder for your success to climb onto the peak. Globalize your customer base and reach any corner of the world right away!

Our Alibaba Alternative Package Includes

Android and iOS App

We provide you with powerful apps you could deploy on both the Android and iOS platforms for a global Alibaba Alternative app.

Admin Dashboard

Specially designed to have authority over your business, you can manage all the operations like a mere cakewalk with the user-friendly interface and most powerful panel.

Vendor Dashboard

Carefully designed to hold multiple vendors, the Alibaba Alternative will let you serve customers a variety of products under one roof.

White Labeling

Tweak the solution to your desire. Whether it is adding features or changing the themes, designs, and colors, our solution is pliable to match your requirements.

100% Ownership

You can reign supreme over the admin dashboard, Android, and iOS app right from the day you join hands with us.

Meritorious features of our Alibaba Clone Script

  • Woo Commerce

    Support both the virtual and physical goods like a piece of cake, as the Alibaba App Clone solution uses the advanced ecommerce solution Woocommerce.

  • WordPress

    Manage all the operations dexterously with god’s view bestowed by our solution, integrated with WordPress CMS Framework.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

    With our Alibaba Clone open-source integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, COD, Cards, etc., you can easily leverage the global user base.

  • Google Analytics

    Mark the stages of peaks of your successful business journey and strategize your plans for a bountiful venture with the Google Analytics integration.

  • Buddypress

    Grow your community all over the map by connecting with buyers and sellers from every nook and cranny of the world.

  • Frontend Dashboard

    Enable your community of vendors to connect with their store goods on cruise control. With individual frontend dashboards for everyone, they have their upper hand for a smooth business.

  • Multi-lingual Support

    Augment your business success by using the feature, and create a multi-diverse community for the vendors wall-to-wall.

  • Product Sales Commission

    Tackle the commission charges received by every vendor through the eminent commission management system of our Alibaba Clone software. Managing the accounts is a child’s play.

  • Membership

    With our B2B ecommerce script, you can come to power over the membership plans through the admin panel. Set prices and expiry days of the plan and make big bucks.

  • Social Media Login

    A crowd-pleaser of any ecommerce application. Users can log in hand over fist with this feature in the Alibaba Alternative App.

Become the king of an unsurpassed ecommerce business with the Alibaba Alternative

What Is B2B E-Commerce?

B2B e-commerce involves the direct exchange of goods and services between companies via the internet. Unlike retail e-commerce websites, B2B platforms conduct business in large quantities and at different price points.

The Breezy Workflow Of Our Alibaba Clone App

Vendor App


Vendors login / register their accounts using email, phone numbers, or through social media accounts.


They will fill in information about their store, like name, website, products, bank account details, etc.


From the Vendor’s home list, they can add the products they want to sell to the products list and add special offers to attract customers.


According to the product’s availability, they can add or delete products in the product list.

User App


Users login / register their accounts using email, phone numbers, or through social media accounts.


They will type in the search bar for products they want and narrow down their search using filters.


After finding similar products, they can choose one at the best deal and add it to their cart.


Finally, they can check out by paying for the items through various payment methods and getting their orders placed successfully.


They can track the delivery easily via the app.


The order will be delivered to them within the given date.

Product Highlights

The Alibaba clone features innovations that have been uncovered through multiple cycles of research and development.

Dynamic Admin Dashboard

The administrator panel grants you complete access to all platform content.

Easy User Registration

Users can register on your platform using hassle-free methods such as social media login.

Independent User Profiles

Businesses can create and manage autonomous pages on your platform to promote themselves.

Powerful Mailing System

Communications on your platform is optimized allowing buyers and sellers to conduct more business.

Diverse Filter Options

Buyers can sift through products effortlessly using different metrics and keywords.

Immersive Interface

An aesthetic and clean layout that does not confuse your users.

Intuitive Data Management System

Easy to gather information on user behaviour to identify emerging trends and market patterns.