Radical Home Services App Solution

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Get the tailor-made on-demand home service app solution and cater to the global audience, an extensive range of home services. Revolutionization is the name!

On Demand Home Service App Development

Launch App for Household Services!

On-demand app market and bonuses surge go hand in hand, owing to the fact that they are providing numerous advantages that were not bargained for by many of the people. It has turned into a lucky strike for many investors worldwide because of the highest ROI it offers. If you have been keeping an eagle eye on the market to enter it, then our on-demand home services app development can be a good deed.

We are curious and excited to help you in developing the best home service app that could help you rake in millions. As a leading app development company, we have both expertise and experience in developing leading-edge on-demand app solutions that will become all the rage when you engrave unique features to them.

Our on-demand home service app solution comes with three different modules and parameters that will benefit all the stakeholders in tandem. Whether you are a startup looking for ways to establish a niche in the industry or a big brand looking for a revamp, our solution is up to scratch for equipping you with what you need unfailingly.

Key Features Of Our Home Services App Development Solution

  • Live Tracking

    Let the efficiency of the business speak here! Your user can now see the service provider who is nearest to their location and avail their service through the app.

  • Cancel Booking

    Offer your customers the utmost convenience and flexibility to cancel bookings at any time.

  • Promo Codes

    Meet what is called skyrocketing visibility by crediting users with reward points for sharing referral codes with their friends and family.

  • Review System

    Don’t give the best reviews a miss. Now, you can show the world how better your services are by collecting reviews from users.

  • In-app Communication

    Establish an easy connection between the user and service providers by helping them to reach out to each other easily with an in-app communication interface. Authentic privacy, nil hassles in service booking.

  • Payment Modes

    We have fused our solution with multi-layer security gateways. With the multiple payment gateways, there are no setbacks in paying or getting change. Told you we adopt the latest technology!

Variants Of On-demand Home Services App Solutions We Offer

TaskRabbit Clone

Coin what is called success in the on-demand home service segment with the most reliable app solution, TaskRabbit Clone. Unparalleled satisfaction of users. Enormous popularity for you.

HomeAdvisor Clone

Unlock a wide range of scenarios of what is meant to be the synonym of on-demand business: rewards and more of it! Our HomeAdvisor Clone will offer you that without a doubt.

Bizzy Clone

Walk away from the background noises and outshine in the on-demand market with feature-enriched home service app solution- Bizzy Clone. Embrace yourself for experiencing the global business result.

UrbanCompany Clone

Supersize your business over the length and breadth of multiple nations and achieve what is considered a resounding success in the industry.

UpMaid Clone

Get your hands on the most tech-savvy app solution UpMaid Clone and gear yourself up for the best returns that you would have never witnessed!

Handy Clone

Whether yours is a mom-and-pop shop or a megacorp, our Handy Clone encompasses all the functionalities and latest tools to help you strike it big in the segment!

Want To Effect An Entrance Into The On-demand Market?

Who Are Our Clients?

We provide a resilient on-demand local service app development solution for various aggregators and businesses. Take a look!

Home Service Business

A business and its success without an online presence will be as still as a mouse, even though it is a well-established one. We provide high-tech solutions to these businesses to make a powerful entry into the market. Once stepped in, you can fling away worry about managing it because the solution takes care of it all!

Multi-Service Aggregator Business

On-demand multi-services apps without a home-services cannot be considered ample or perfect. We help entrepreneurs of super apps to integrate the home services app solution into their business. To say that the result would be positive is an understatement!

Demand-centric Service Business

We develop solutions exclusively for those services that are in high demand in the industry. Service verticals like handyman, car wash, beauty services, cleaning, etc., have been demanded all the time. The more the demand, the more the chances to grow. And aspiring business owners have never returned back with empty promises for growth or income when we are by their side.

How Does Our Ready-made Home Service App Function?

  • 1

    User sign up for leveraging a myriad of services from the app with minimal process.

  • 2

    As soon as the user enters the app, they can go through the categories.

  • 3

    From a selected category and from a list of different packages, they select one that fits their pockets.

  • 4

    After this, the user will be asked to schedule the date and time.

  • 5

    The customer can know about the service provider by the details given in the profile.

  • 6

    After getting the service done as per the schedule, the user can pay through various payment modes.

  • 7

    Finally, the user reviews the service in the app.