The birth place of ‘Mowgli’

April 05 2023 • By Nabarupa das

Madhya Pradesh state’s Maikal range of Satpuras, which makes up the central Indian highland, is sheltered by Kanha national park. This reserve forest is considered a great wildlife place in the world. Significantly, The reserve forests are spread around two districts of Madhya Pradesh Kalaghat and Mandala. Kanha national park has spread across 1945 sq km including its buffer and core zones. A rich green landscape with wooded strands as well as dense maroons offers its visitors magnanimous experiences of sightseeing. The rich green landscape connects with nature lovers, its alluring beauty consists of a crystal clear water stream. Did you know ‘Rudyard Kipling’ the creator of ‘The jungle book’ has been inspired by the Kanha Nationa national park?

The vivacious beauty inspired the creator of the character ‘Mowgli’, who was a little Indian boy in the popular jungle book. Rudyard Kipling was inspired by the beauty of Kanha national park. Many believe that the author won't visit the place but the British traveller's writings have inspired him to create this mesmerised fictional novel where a young boy is brought up with wild wolves. The novel's descriptions witness his skills of storytelling. 

To reach the Kanha national park, an overnight journey from Delhi to Jabalpur and almost three hrs of travel reach visitors to the kipping’s territory which gives a closer look at nature. If you are a fan of Jungle book you can relate to every scene of the novel also enthralled by every scene specifically where the wilds are seemed to be friends with the young boy. 

Kanha national park also referred to as a tiger reserve forest and is one of the well-known tiger reserves. The royal Bengal tiger is the main attraction of this forest. The ‘Rudyard Kipplings novel characterised the ‘Sher khan’ who was the king of the jungle, the visit to the Kanha national park makes a mixed feeling of fear and curiosity to see that character in real. December 214 census stated that the forest is sheltered by 78 tigers, this is the highest amount among the other five primary tiger reserves of India. 

This is a paradise for the species of wildlife, this reserve forest is also filled with many variations of ‘fauna and flora’. Significantly, these forests are known for the swamp deer and barasingha. These species are popularly named ‘the jewel of Kanha’. This is the best place for visitors to take a closer look at the Kipllings jungle book and know about the species and see them visually. 

This can provide the feeling of diverse biodiversity, the lowland and highland division helps to create vegetation appropriate for the wilds of the forest. Most of the endangered Indian species are reserved in this forest such as the ‘Dhol’ which is a species of wild dog. Like the Kipplings description, this is the home of various bird species such as wood shrikes, crested, grey hornbill, serpent eagle, pond heron, Indian roller, steeple eagle, peacock etc. The jungle safari of the forest visualises the story of the jungle book. 

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