Hurry up, Vegans! let’s Hit Up the best restaurants in the city of Kolkata

May 16 2023 • By Nabarupa das

The city of joy Kolkata nourishes its food culture as well as adopts the new one. The change of lifestyle seamlessly replaces the eating style. Many people now choose veganism to conserve their healthy lifestyle, also many of them follow it to preserve mother nature. Once in Kolkata finding a Vegan (without animal products) restaurant would be a struggle. But now without any worry, Kolkata serves its vegans eaters best restaurants. With the incredible ambience, these eateries serve different cuisine like Vegan desserts, ice cream, cake and many other delicacies. This article curates a few required food stations to hit up with your close friends. 

Burma Burma 

One of the most desired restaurants for Vegans is located on park street, Kolkata.  This place is the best location for all vegan as well as non-vegan eaters. While the alternatives of delicacies spoilt you with a wide selection. Burma serves you a food list that includes your favourite items such as starters, soup, small plates, mains curries and the best dessert for your happy tummy. 

Ubuntu Community 

Another ideal option for fruitarian food is the Ubuntu community located in New Alipore, Kolkata. A 100 per cent vegan option with a non-vegan taste, they made traditional vegan kosha mangsho, not only this they made mouthwatering Sahi vada, pizza, pasta, burgers, smoothie bowls as well as tasty desserts. You can enjoy this tasty food option at an affordable price. 

Motherland studio & Cafe :  

A restaurant that takes care of your working space as well as your appetite. This beautiful vegan restaurant is located in Taltala, Kolkata. A wide array of vegan items are offered by this food station. This is a must-recommended vegan location to cheer up your appetite. The buckwheat crepes, avocado toast, Verdure Firenze, Brussels Delight and pasta, and the food list is fulfilled with many more. 

The Daily : 

A perfect Instagrammeble location with yummy vegan dishes has been served by The Daily. This restaurant is the best fusion that recommended a captivating ambience with delectable food. This beautiful cafe is located in kali ghat, Kolkata. This Picturesque place includes healthy and tasty vegan options on its food list as well as ended with a vegan dessert. 

Peter Hu? 

It is known as a popular Asian restaurant and is nestled in Parkestreet, Kolkata. It offers both Fruitarian and non-Fruitarian options for its food lovers. Their food list includes different options also with an affordable budget. Heirloom Tomato Avocado salad spicy, HK-style baby corn and miso vegetable gyoza, spinach & fresh mushroom, more other dishes are offered by Peter Hu. If your friend circle is surrounded by non-vegan and vegan people then this is the perfect location for hanging out. for more details, you can visit Zomato.

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